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 Thankyou for subscribing to The Scottie Lovers Clan Commando email list.

  We welcome fanciers of the Scottish Terrier. This list is a warm hearth and
 home for breeders, pet owners or anyone with an abiding interest in these
 Diehard Scots.  We want this list to be fun and there are only a few rules
 to remember beginning and ending with The SLCC Creed

  "Think deeply, speak gently,
 Love much, laugh often,
 Work hard, give freely
  and be kind"

The Ancient Oak

 Please keep this in mind when submitting or responding to posts-- flaming
in ANY form is strictly prohibited and will result in removal/suspension from the list.

 Topics of a sensitive nature, politics, religion or jokes that might be offensive to
others on the List are discouraged.

 SLCC articles and posts are copyrighted by the original poster and may
 not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the poster.

 While we're on the subject of posting to a mailing list,
 Here are 10 GENTLE REMINDERS we should all remember

 1) Is the item relevant to the list?  We do tend to get off the topic of
 Scotties here a lot, but there is usually some roundabout connection.

 2) Is the item personal?  Should I post it privately?

 3) Never post your address and phone number to the list.  Their is no
 security on an email list. Send your address/phone number/vacation
 itineraries only to those you know well.  Someone might also inadvertently
 cross-post this info to another list.

 4) Cross-posting means sending the same message to several lists.  You
 might also cut and paste something from this list to another list.   If you
 *must* cross post, please be sure that you have the permission of anyone
 involved in the original post as you may be violating someone's copyright
 by cross-posting. If you cross post without permission, you may post
 someone's words out of context and they will not have a chance to defend
 themselves to the hundreds of others who are reading another list.  It's
 just bad manners to name someone in a post without their permission.
 Permission includes their participation in the thread, but only on the
 current list.

 5)  If you *must* cross-post, please send each message individually.
       DO NOT include SLCC in ANY big headers. People replying "To ALL"  bounce and/or send a double message.
Feel free to post your own items to any lists you want.  Just remember to use the BCC field so that posts don't bounce back to us.

 6) You can change formatting preferences in Yahoo.  Choose Traditional for plain text.

 7) If you are forwarding jokes, please be aware of the following: Some
 adults do not care for off colour humour... please send risque jokes
 privately to those you know enjoy them. If the joke has already been
 forwarded 7 times, please edit out all of the 's and extra hrt's and
 line feeds.

 8) When responding to a message, please either cut and paste the relevant
 portion of the message you are quoting into your new message, or delete
all  of the parts of the message you are replying to that are not relevant.
 Also remember to delete the other person's signature lines.

 9) Always check the "TO: field" before sending private messages or private attachments to others...     small attachments are allowed on the list.  Attachments only appear in individual emails.  They do not appear in the digest or on the web site.  If you want to see an attachment that you did not get, ask the original poster to send it to you privately.

 10) Change the subject if you change the topic! Sometimes we can only read  the first message in a thread.... we might miss something very important if  you don't change the topic.

Please read the following for more pointers http://www.expita.com/nomime.html

        Birth announcements of litters are welcomed, but not the brokering of
 same. Results of Scottie activities are welcomed as well, but please bear
 in mind the rules of Good Sportsmanship and Scottie-etiquette by posting
 the results of the entire class of confirmation/agility /obedience shows,
 if possible. We share in your joy and accomplishments and are delighted
for  anyone who wins, places or just plain shows-- AROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      We ask that new members post a brief introduction. This may include
 occupation, location, club affiliations, hobbies and other items of
 interest to the list-- and of course your scotties/westies-- names, ages,
 color, litters, health, kennel--so we can get to know you and your
 furbabies. The list may do this from time to time to update all the

    Linda St James and Ann Parks are the List Co-Owners & Managers.

 Please  ALWAYS send requests for help to BOTH of us due to our varied
 schedules--  we both have long and irregular work hours and/or one of us could be out
of  town and your request may not be noticed for several days.  We try to
 handle all requests promptly (within 24 hours), so let us BOTH know please.

 Linda resides in Canada and is owned by Scotties  Bodle,  Bailey  Quarters,
Missy, Foster, Ally, Kate, Murphy Brown, Ginger, the GSD Tetley and Gooberhound Tara.
Linda is the List Guru.  puki@gryndlscot.com

 Ann lives in Texas and belongs to her Scotties Max and Maddie.
Max & The SLCC (Scottie Lovers Clan Commandos)oversee "The Betterment of
 Scottish  Terriers Everywhere" (and All Creatures Great and small)  anno@charter.net

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