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Regardless of the dog's breed, all dog owners are subject to the following sections of the law in Ontario:

       " A dog must not bite or attack a person or a domestic animal nor behave in a manner that poses a menace to the safety of persons or domestic animals.

        Owners must exercise reasonable precautions to prevent the above behaviour.

        A peace officer may immediately seize a dog (in public or from wherever the dog is being kept) if they believe that an owner has violated any section of this Act, at any time, present or past.  They do not necessarily need a warrant in order to seize the dog from its home and they may use as much force as necessary to accomplish this.

        If an owner is convicted, in addition to fines and jail time, the court may order: destruction of the dog; sterilization of the dog; control measures including muzzling, leashing, confinement, warning signs; prohibition of dog ownership. "

    Dogs must be trained.  Owners are responsible for their behaviour.  If people are not able to train and control their dogs, then they should not own them.  Some people should be banned from owning and breeding dogs when they abuse the animals or breed them to use as dangerous weapons.
    Any breed can be trained to be well behaved.  The current law bans three purebred breeds based solely on their appearance.  If the politicians decide to do some real homework, based on this legislation, they will be banning breeds at the top of the bite list.  Where is your breed on this list?  It doesn't matter if *you* are a responsible pet owner. If someone with your breed allows their dog to bite or menace, they too can be banned. Where will they stop?  Banning breeds does nothing to prevent idiots from turning dogs into weapons.  They don't care about the dogs, just the status symbol and income derived from them.  If their breed is banned, they will turn to the next big breed to do the work.  If the legislation punished people for the bad behaviour of their dogs, then there might be fewer bites and maulings.

    Allowing police and animal control officers to break into my home at any time because a neighbour doesn't like my dogs is in no way acceptable.  If they have reason to knock on my door, they have time to get a warrant and do a proper investigation.

Kennel Clubs should support the registered breeds that they promote in conformation, obedience and agility.
Once again  Ban the deed, not the breed!