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This Means War - Cindy Cooke
The Politics of Pet Dogs and Kennel Crates

The Moral Bankrupcy of the Animal Rights Movement

Mom2Mom wordpress



Keeping Your Pet Safe at Home

The HumaneWatch

Preparing your pet for a move.
 Expose Animal Rights

Huffington Post - Puppet for the Animal Rights Extremist Agenda


An Obituary for Words
- Cindy Cooke



The Right to Breed

   Toy Breeds... Animal Welfare




Integrity: how I can be a purebred dog fancier & a humane activist
By disparateinterests


 Eat a PeTA Day



Things You Didn't Know About PeTA

Peta wants your dog to get cancer....




No Kill Now




No Kill Blog



Animal Rights Extremism

 Endangered Owner



FBI Smoking Guns Point To PETA

United Kennel Club



Petdefense Wordpress

 Keeping Pets Safe



What you should know 
before you donate to

 an animal cause...
 What Divides Us...
 The Puppy Mill Problem...   The Hybrid Vigor Problem

 Setting Brush Fires by Loretta Braughan

Your Pet Advisor 



  The Truth Be Known

 Terrific Pets forum: Hybrid Vigor



Puppymillers R Us 

 RomanReign: The Myth of  Hybrid Vigor





Effects of air pollution on Pets

 Mandatory Spay Neuter?
Message for women and dogs: keeping ovaries is linked to longevity 
The Benefits For The Whole Family of Having A Pet