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How to Show a Scottie to Win

by Julie Ann Locket

I used to take little Bobby to little matches, in the early summer. I went for the fun and to socialize myself and my dogs. Bobby is teaching me the way to walk up and down, and in triangles and how to stack him up on a table etc.

It was a beautiful day at the Niagara Falls Sanctioned Match. "Time for the Scotties" someone yelled at me as I was watching the clouds go by with one of those awful "show, cold hot dogs" half way into my mouth. " you are going to miss your turn" Oh my god I have to get him out of the crate and into the ring. How can they have got through all those dogs so quickly? "S" is at the end of the alphabet. I do a hundred meter dash to the terrier ring. We all enter the ring and wait patiently. He looks like an exploded mattress factory. I reward him with a piece of dried liver, for being a good boy and not eating any of the other terriers. ( By the way this liver has ruined all the pockets in the long dresses which I wear for this torture). Everyone walks around the ring together. Apparently there is some hidden signal from the judge which initiates this but I have not figured it out yet.

Soon it is our turn for the table. I set him up on the edge of the table. The judge's hands pass from one end to the other. The head, the neck, the teeth, the back, legs, the what!!! Bobby enjoys this and gives the judge a kiss.

"Put the leash around your neck", some expert whispers from the crowd! Bobby strangles me with his show lead when I lift him down, from the table to the ground, - I forgot the narrow leather lead is around my neck. (Great hilarity on the side lines), as the other dogs are being checked over.

I am wearing a pretty blue denim dress with flat blue denim shoes to match. Apparently it brings out Bobbie's color when the judge actually looks at him while I prance around the ring.

The rubber band on my left arm is cutting off the blood supply and the number on the card is upside down. More whispers from the expert. "Your number is upside down" 69 or 96 what does it matter anyway?

So as I am walking round behind other dogs in the ring trying to fix it, without being noticed, my brush falls out of my pocket along with a stack of liver pieces. I have a comb stuck on the back of my hair. I resemble a fat, redheaded geisha girl, doing a costume change.

Everyone is lined up now and the judge is walking up and down, pulling the usual, miserable, contorted faces, and the expert handlers have their dogs perfectly still in wonderful poses, waving bait in front of their noses always checking to see if the judge is looking at their dog. Not one two O'clock tail is in sight.

Meanwhile, Bobby is now peeing on my new denim shoes and then after precipitating what seemed to be half a gallon of yellow liquid onto my shoes, proceeds to kick with his hind legs for several seconds. Grass and mud, three feet in the air, precipitates over the other handlers and their dogs. Great hilarity on the side lines. I pretend nothing has happened. My shoes are now green! Bobby at this point is looking very proud of himself. His tail is up and he is ready to kill. "I own this ring" he tells me. He shows his true fiery Scottie spirit to all. The judge waves his arm which apparently means "all around once again please"

So the leather stringy show leash is bunched up in my now sticky palm and I slush around the square in my new green shoes.(Thank god for that, as I always end up with the leash three times around my ankles, when one does that triangle thing --a Tee or an L would give me a heart attack) Every other competitor now stops to eat a piece of Bobbies gift of liver. The crowd is now cheering Bobby after his exploits and even clapping more when the judge starts moving us around and changing the order, of the dogs.

Bobby wins a beautiful pink ribbon all fluted and pretty from the "Sanctioned Match",and a big bag of kibble for his beautiful sister Flossie who can't do this because she is neutered, and this makes me sad.

Yes this is a true one. Its hard being a beginner but it sure makes you appreciate the pros.



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